Fran Rutke   1921 – 2011 

Fran studied at the Winnipeg School of Art when she was young, then put down her brushes and raised a family.  When she picked them up again, she began a lifelong journey of exploration and expression of the world around and inside us.  Always learning new techniques and passing her knowledge on to others, Fran sailed through life leaving a trail of love of art to mark her passing. 

Her work is known internationally on nearly every continent – she didn’t quite make it to Antarctica.  In every medium put to paper or canvas, she depicted how she saw life.  Floral, landscapes, non-representational, collage. You name it, she did it and did it well.  Her series of 50 paintings of life in Bangladesh, commissioned by CCF and shown in downtown Toronto, gave a picture of how the common folk of that country live their lives.

Before her passing, Fran celebrated her 90th birthday with a solo show in Parry Sound, Ontario.  She attended each day and gave a personal tour to almost everyone who came in to see it.  Showing upwards of 250 paintings, Fran could tell a story about each and every one.

Though there is no new work being produced, there is still some available.  Please contact Andrea McIntyre at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.